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Dust Bowl Chat


This C3 aligned OK/US history lesson provides students with engaging audio, visual and textural sources to examine the environmental conditions of the Dust Bowl alongside FDR’s response in his Dust Bowl Fireside chat. Students engage in the intellectual work of the historian as they evaluate primary source documents and examine paired-texts to uncover the causes of and Federal responses to the Dust Bowl in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma C3/CCSS Recommended Resources

Screen Shot 2013-05-08 at 9.10.53 AMInterdisciplinary Lesson

In this download you will find links to resources for information regarding OK C3 standards and CCSS. These resources include detailed information about CCSS as well as practical resources for Authentic Implementation of OK C3 standards and CCSS.

Oklahoma Perspectives


What is one way to gain a deep perspective and understanding of the history of Oklahoma? One suggestion is by reading, viewing, and listening to the works of its famous Oklahomans.

Oil: Boom or Bust


The story of oil in Oklahoma has been one of “boom or bust.” How has this cycle of want and plenty, impacted the lives of Oklahomans in both positive and negative ways?

Why They Cried


Looking at the “Trail of Tears” from a geographic and historic perspective, students will answer one essential question: Why did they cry?

Mesas to Tall Grass Prairies


The geography of Oklahoma is diverse with mesas, prairies, mountains, plateaus, forests and floodplains. How has this physical geography helped shape its pre-history, history and economy?

A Heated Debate

A Heated DebateInterdisciplinary Lesson

Explore what is behind the environmental change and what creative solutions are being sought. Students have a unique opportunity to combine statistical analysis and persuasive writing skills as they survey their class and their community, attempting to understand their opinions about global warming.

Oil: Abundant, Dependable, Ready

oilrigInterdisciplinary Lesson

In this interdisciplinary lesson, students will consider previous knowledge of the environment and the effects of the combustion of fossil fuels. Utilizing media from the Oklahoma Energy Resources Board, students will explore the effects of fossil fuels in the national and statewide economy.

Sifting Through the Sand

dustbowlInterdisciplinary Lesson

In this cross-curricular Social Studies/English lesson, students will examine the causes and effects of the Dust Bowl and the environmental and economic impact it had on the region. This lesson will equip students with enough information to engage in an informed conversation with leading experts around the state as a concluding assessment piece.

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