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Oklahoma C3/CCSS Recommended Resources

Screen Shot 2013-05-08 at 9.10.53 AMInterdisciplinary Lesson

In this download you will find links to resources for information regarding OK C3 standards and CCSS. These resources include detailed information about CCSS as well as practical resources for Authentic Implementation of OK C3 standards and CCSS.

Cumbersome Cubes

cubesMini Lesson

Students build a 5″ x 5″ x 5″ cube and explore its properties and reason their way through the development of two distinct cubes that represent “half” of the size of the original cube.

Love is in the Air PSA

love_is_in_the_airInterdisciplinary LessonMini Lesson

This lesson is designed to be used as a school-wide thematic unit or by individual content areas. Students engage in a specific topic related to love and create a poster or other Public Service Announcement (PSA) to tell the story of love within that topic

Man Made Mountians


How much waste do we accumulate in a lifetime?

Make it Fit


Can understanding geometric principles improve the environment?

Short Cut or Dead End


How many ways can you prove the congruency of a triangle?

Waste Not, Want Not


How much trash can fit into a landfill? Should we be concerned with that?

Bridge the Gap


After exploring various types of bridges and understanding the importance of the rigidity of a triangle, students will prepare multiple versions of a bridge that will meet various height, width, length, and weight requirements. Then, they will construct a scale model of their bridge and test its weight capacity.

Sweeping Down the Plains

windInterdisciplinary Lesson

In this interdisciplinary lesson, students explore earth’s changing landscape as global warming becomes more noticeable every year. Explore what is behind the environmental change and what creative solutions are being sought. Design and build a wind turbine, detailing the process, the advantages and disadvantages, refining the efficiency, and present findings. Explore barriers that slow the effort to change.

We the People

People 1Interdisciplinary Lesson

What happens when students use real data to explore mathematical concepts? In this lesson, students look at population data as they begin to see how midpoint and slope apply outside of mathematics.

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EOI Jeopardy


Can competition really be a good way for students to review for the EOI. We think so! Check out EOI Jeopardy.