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Brick by Brick

UnknownInterdisciplinary Lesson

In this C3 aligned lesson, students will use mathematical thinking to compare the area of the White House to the area of a slave cabin. This lesson builds upon 4th grade math standards of area and perimeter but expands upon them to include important 5th grade standards related to fluency with decimals. To incorporate ELA and Social Studies, students will read paired-texts to learn about the institution of slavery and its relationship to the history of the White House. This lesson touches on a number of literacy standards for social studies and is an example of a math/social studies literacy block.

Narrative Art – “You don’t Say”

woodInterdisciplinary Lesson

Students will study the work of Regionalist artists Grant Wood, Thomas Hart Benton, and John Steuart Curry. After analyzing a chosen work of art, students will write dialogue based on their interpretation of the narrative art. Students will record their dialogue as a powerpoint or other type of presentation allowing the characters in the art to “speak”. The lesson should take two class periods.

Fibonacci – “Growing Patterns”

fibonacciInterdisciplinary Lesson

Students will discover the Fibonacci pattern of repeating shapes and numbers through manipulatives, mathematical reasoning, poetry and art.

Facts Within Fiction – “Ebbie and Flo”


In this second grade lesson, students will compare and contrast two encyclopedia entries over the same topic (salmon), then identify the factual information contained in a work of fiction over the same topic. The lesson will conclude with students researching another topic prior to writing a narrative based with factual information woven into it.

Oklahoma C3/CCSS Recommended Resources

Screen Shot 2013-05-08 at 9.10.53 AMInterdisciplinary Lesson

In this download you will find links to resources for information regarding OK C3 standards and CCSS. These resources include detailed information about CCSS as well as practical resources for Authentic Implementation of OK C3 standards and CCSS.

Explaining and Reasoning – “This Is My Town”

my town 2Interdisciplinary Lesson

Students will explore the community in which they live and sort information to create a travel/ living brochure to encourage others to move to their town.

Supporting Main Ideas – “Bad Dog”

Bad Dog

Students will read an informational text to locate main ideas and list details. Students will then write their own “12 steps to” essay and grade each others work based on a rubric.

Ratios and Proportions-Jack and the Beanstalk

Jack and the BeanstalkInterdisciplinary Lesson

In this fourth grade lesson, students will measure a tracing of a fellow student’s body then use multiplication to convert those measurements into larger sizes creating a “giant”.

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