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What’s in the Soup?


In this lesson, students will examine the role of the U.S. government in alleviating the problems of the Great Depression. These problems—bank closures, business failures, farm and home foreclosures, homelessness, and massive unemployment and poverty—were numerous, and the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Administration’s response—a variety of programs collectively known as the New Deal—was so large that it was often called the “Alphabet Soup.” Roosevelt argued that the New Deal programs focused on the three R’s of “relief, recovery, and reform.” Using this “Three R” framework, students will investigate some of the major New Deal programs and how they helped American citizens and the economy, before completing a short writing activity and some EOI-style assessment questions.

Oklahoma C3/CCSS Recommended Resources

Screen Shot 2013-05-08 at 9.10.53 AMInterdisciplinary Lesson

In this download you will find links to resources for information regarding OK C3 standards and CCSS. These resources include detailed information about CCSS as well as practical resources for Authentic Implementation of OK C3 standards and CCSS.

Impact of a Crash

Impact of a Crash

Students will be asked to “speculate” in several of the activities helping them to better understand this term which is essential to the lesson. The focus of this lesson is for students to analyze the causes and effects of the “Crash of 1929” and predict one of its major outcomes, an economic depression known in history as the Great Depression.

To Promote the General Welfare


How did the economic role of government change from a “laissez-faire” theory, which means allowing industry to be free from government intervention to the “government bailouts” of today’s economy?

Sweeping Down the Plains

windInterdisciplinary Lesson

In this interdisciplinary lesson, students explore earth’s changing landscape as global warming becomes more noticeable every year. Explore what is behind the environmental change and what creative solutions are being sought. Design and build a wind turbine, detailing the process, the advantages and disadvantages, refining the efficiency, and present findings. Explore barriers that slow the effort to change.

Oil: Abundant, Dependable, Ready

oilrigInterdisciplinary Lesson

In this interdisciplinary lesson, students will consider previous knowledge of the environment and the effects of the combustion of fossil fuels. Utilizing media from the Oklahoma Energy Resources Board, students will explore the effects of fossil fuels in the national and statewide economy.

Sifting Through the Sand

dustbowlInterdisciplinary Lesson

In this cross-curricular Social Studies/English lesson, students will examine the causes and effects of the Dust Bowl and the environmental and economic impact it had on the region. This lesson will equip students with enough information to engage in an informed conversation with leading experts around the state as a concluding assessment piece.

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