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“I Got Caught”


Students will use their knowledge of graphing, linear, and quadratic functions to interpret a tortoise – hare scenario.
This lesson is also appropriate for an algebra-based physics class.

Oklahoma C3/CCSS Recommended Resources

Screen Shot 2013-05-08 at 9.10.53 AMInterdisciplinary Lesson

In this download you will find links to resources for information regarding OK C3 standards and CCSS. These resources include detailed information about CCSS as well as practical resources for Authentic Implementation of OK C3 standards and CCSS.

Logistic Functions – Zombie Takeover


Students will investigate logistic functions as mathematical models of real world processes such as the spread of infectious disease.

Cumbersome Cubes

cubesMini Lesson

Students build a 5″ x 5″ x 5″ cube and explore its properties and reason their way through the development of two distinct cubes that represent “half” of the size of the original cube.

Cool It

IcebergInterdisciplinary Lesson

What would happen to the sea life if the temperature of the ocean were just five degrees different? Have you ever wondered why the ocean temperature is so constant?

Once Upon an Experiment

storybook-400x347Interdisciplinary Lesson

This teacher resource will explore how to teach students to articulate the experimental design process, used in Math and Science, through writing.

Who I Am

whoiamInterdisciplinary Lesson

In this lesson, students develop a personal 2-D timeline, free write about who they are, develop a haiku based on their future, and then do data gathering and organizing in order to prepare their own infographic.

Where’s the Beef? (Part 3)


In Where’s the Beef? (Part 3), students are invested in the question and explore quadratic equations, matrices, discriminants, and parent graphs.

A Heated Debate

A Heated DebateInterdisciplinary Lesson

Explore what is behind the environmental change and what creative solutions are being sought. Students have a unique opportunity to combine statistical analysis and persuasive writing skills as they survey their class and their community, attempting to understand their opinions about global warming.

Where’s the Beef? (Part 2)


This lesson is a continuation of an Algebra 1 lesson, “Where’s the Beef? (Part 1)” This lesson considers what errors might occur if that assumption is not true, serving as the beginning of multiple Algebra 2 extensions.

Oil: Abundant, Dependable, Ready

oilrigInterdisciplinary Lesson

In this interdisciplinary lesson, students will consider previous knowledge of the environment and the effects of the combustion of fossil fuels. Utilizing media from the Oklahoma Energy Resources Board, students will explore the effects of fossil fuels in the national and statewide economy.

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