Lesson Snapshot

1. Engage: Students will view a short video showcasing the drought in Oklahoma and some of its impacts. Through a teacher facilitated discussion students will create a list of the characteristics of a drought and the impacts of prolonged drought.  Students will produce a class definition for drought and compare this with the USGS definition.       

2. Explore: Students will analyze meteorological data from multiple sources to determine the key factors that lead up to a drought and how these factors can affect the length and severity of a drought.            

3. Explain: Students will create a poster presenting their findings and the relationships they found. Students will do a gallery walk to compare their findings with their classmates.              

4. Extend/Expand: Students will jigsaw articles relating to the current drought and droughts throughout Oklahoma’s history and compile a set of recommendations for dealing with drought.            

5. Evaluate: Students will create a Public Service Announcement regarding droughts in Oklahoma and the resulting impacts and present methods to mitigate the effects of drought on selected topics (e.g. water resources, agriculture, tourism, etc.). Local experts may be invited to the class to provide feedback on student PSA’s.