Lesson Snapshot

1. Engage: Students will view a landscape picture of Hiroshima after the atomic blast. They will choose a freewrite, a list of imagery, or creative writing narrative.

2. Explore: Students will create a KWL chart to guide discussion in groups. The groups will establish what they already know (K) about Hiroshima, what they want (W) to know, and the last column will be left blank to insert new notes about what they learned (L).

3. Explain: Students will view pictures of the Hiroshima aftermath in a PowerPoint along with some basic background information. They will also view historical thermal pulse videos and blast testing videos.

4. Extend/Expand: Students will read two small pieces of historical fiction. They will discuss in groups the impact of the fiction in relationship to the historical knowledge they have gained. Students will then use an H-chart to synthesize these two paired texts in relation to the essential question. Lastly, students will individually write a CER paragraph focusing on their CLAIM, EVIDENCE, and REASONING. The paragraph response will be based on the essential question as a prompt.

5. Evaluate: Students will find a historical photograph and create a poem or short narrative using the historical event as their inspiration.