Lesson Snapshot

1. Engage:  Students will watch a short video on the unsuccessful attempt by NY’s Mayor Bloomberg to ban sodas over 20oz. in an attempt to curb obesity, and discuss the concept that the government has the right to decide what is best for people and regulate their behavior. This connects to the U.S.’s argument that the Philippines need to be “taught” how to be independent after the Spanish-American War and should thus be annexed by the U.S.

2. Explore: Students will analyze political cartoons to decipher arguments for and against U.S. control of the Philippines.  

3. Explain: Students will jigsaw four documents regarding annexation of the Philippines and analyze their arguments.  

4. Extend/Expand: Students will engage in a “Philosophical Chairs” activity where they debate annexation of the Philippines using textual evidence.

5. Evaluate: Students will assume the role of a U.S. Senator and write a speech explaining why they support or disapprove of the annexation of the Philippines.