Lesson Snapshot

1. Engage:  Students will read the poem, “The Grieved Lands” by Agostinho Neto and summarize the meaning of the poem.                 

2. Explore: Students will examine primary & secondary source documents to construct an understanding of the factors that led to the Scramble for Africa and the subsequent Berlin Conference of 1884.

3. Explain: Students will use findings from their documents and determine three to four causes of the Scramble for Africa. Students will then participate in a gallery walk to compare their responses to those of their peers, while leaving constructive feedback.                 

4. Extend/Expand: Students will use an H-Chart to analyze two pieces of literature that express competing views of the effects of colonialism. Using the information students will make a list of arguments for and against colonization.                 

5. Evaluate: Students will write an ‘op-ed’ piece for a late 1800s European newspaper, either supporting or condemning African colonialism.