Lesson Snapshot

  1. Engage: Students will view pictures of crops growing in unhealthy soil and answer the question, “What’s wrong with this picture?.” Students will then discuss their connection to agriculture and how this connection has it’s foundation is soil health. Students will view USDA Video: Healthy Soil, Healthy Farmers.              
  1. Explore: Students will use a USDA School Garden Checklist as a guide to conduct group research about preparing a school garden project proposal. This proposal will be presented to the class and administration.
  1. Explain: Students will create and present a garden proposal that includes ways to improve vegetable production through organic farming techniques based on soil test results. Students will provide peer feedback on their presentations.                      
  1. Extend: Students will test soil samples from possible garden sites and compare them to soil samples from other sites. Students will analyze each sample for common soil chemistry tests, which indicate healthy soil.        

5. Evaluate: Students will produce group School Garden Proposals to be presented to the administration and/or local community members and use a rubric to evaluate their project. As an option students may submit their proposals to a School Garden Proposal Review Committee consisting of community member or the local County Extension office.