Lesson Snapshot

1. Engage: Students will be given a memo from the town of Greeneville requesting their assistance.  Students will select an alternative energy resource and form a company to help Greeneville solve their energy crisis.

2. Explore:  Students will spend one class period researching information on their chosen alternative energy and writing three questions for the other alternative energy resource companies.  Students will prepare a 20-minute presentation for Greeneville’s town council.

3. Explain: Students will present to the town council on the benefits, misconceptions, and general process description of their alternative energy resource.  The other companies will ask three questions of the presenting company concerning their alternative energy resource.

4. Extend/Expand:  Students will work together to complete a pros/cons document for each alternative energy resource based on presentations.  Students will discuss their ideas with the entire class.

5. Evaluate:  Students will vote on the best alternative energy resource for Greeneville.  Students will cite evidence from their research, peer presentations, and class discussions to support their claim (vote). If possible, students will interact with an energy company representative or selected field expert offering additional information/perspective from an individual in the field.