Lesson Snapshot

1. Engage: Students will read a book with a giant as one of the characters such as “Jack and the Beanstalk” or “The BFG”.  Teacher asks, “How tall is a giant compared to you?”  “What would a giant look like who was twice as tall as you?  What would a giant look like who was three times as tall as you?”

 2. Explore:  Students will use math practices (multiplication) to convert a student sized body to a giant size body and create a scale giant using poster paper for display.  

 3. Explain: Students will use mathematical vocabulary as they explain how they calculated the size of the giant, checked for accuracy and what it means when something is two or three times the size of another object.

4. Extend/Expand: Using division, students will make a smaller body (i.e.-half the size), compare/contrast other “Jack and the Beanstalk” books, write a story from the giant’s point of view.

5. Evaluate:  Students will receive feedback on the chart they make to document the student and giant’s measurements, the completed giant supported by mathematical computations and explanation of the process.