Interdisciplinary Fossil Fuels Unit

Also, students will critically consider the personal and societal impacts fossil fuels have in regards to travel, product development, job opportunities, and more. With recognition of the importance of fossil fuels, students will develop an experiment to simulate the process of distilling crude oil. In essence, the students will become experts in the process, detailing their research, design, and results. Through this simulation, students have the opportunity to see the importance of physical and chemical properties of matter and their vital role in a multi-billion dollar industry.

This lesson is one part of a series of lessons that can be done together or individually. This lesson can be done separately, but works best when done following the lesson, “A Heated Debate.” After completing “A Heated Debate,” students can explore fossil fuels in this lesson or explore alternative energy in “Sweeping Down the Plains.” These lessons can be completed in either order. Also, the English lesson “True Lies” is a great lesson about marketing and propaganda that can be done during or after this lesson. Read more about the energy theme units here. Please comment below if you have any questions.