Lesson Snapshot

1. Engage: Students will view a video clip from the movie such as “Gattaca” portraying possible human genetic altering of humans and genetic discrimination. Students will engage in discussion about potential impacts of genetic modification and GMO’s.                 

2. Explore: Students will work in groups and as either a prosecution team or defense team. Students will rotate through stations to gather research about genetically modified organisms.                 

3. Explain: Students will prepare their opening and closing statements, , including claims and citing evidence,  as well as questions for the opposition.                 

4. Extend/Expand: Students will debate the pros, cons and ethical concerns regarding Genetically Modified Organisms by writing and presenting claims supported by evidence. Students will follow debate/mock court protocol.

5. Evaluate: Students not involved in the case will actively listen to each debate/court proceedings as members of the jury. They will use the provided analysis document to “judge” the winner of the case for each group.