Lesson Snapshot

1. Engage: Students will complete a quick-write in response to a photograph (of a child during the Holocaust or in Darfur), focusing on sensory images, in response to questioning from the teacher.        

2. Explore: Students will read an article that corresponds to the picture they were given in the “engage” piece.

3. Explain: Students will discuss the two articles and compare and contrast the Holocaust and the Crisis in Darfur.                 

4. Extend/Expand: Students will create a “found” poem in response to their assigned photograph and article.

5. Evaluate: Students will discuss the meaning of the term “genocide” and, using the U.N.’s definition of genocide, write a brief essay from the perspective of a U.N. team member participating in an investigation to determine if the Crisis in Darfur meets the U.N.’s criteria for genocide or not.