Lesson Snapshot

1. Engage: Students will be informed that there is a bag of gold hidden. Students will be broken into groups of three and required to map out the route they plan to take in order to retrieve the hidden treasure. They will have no knowledge of where the gold is hidden and use their reasoning skills to determine which route would be best as well as where they believe the treasure might be hidden.   

2. Explore: Students will be assigned one of the ten explorers listed in the C3 state standards for social studies. Working in groups, students will research their explorer and their expeditions.

3. Explain: Students will present their findings to the class by composing a creative product, such as a rap, skit, poem, power point, video, or poster board presentation.                 

4. Extend/Expand: Students will look at how explorers have influenced the lives of people today. Specifically, they will consider how the Columbian Exchange influenced the food we eat. Students will participate in a gallery walk where they view items that have become commonplace in our lives today that were impacted by exploration. Then they will predict whether items came from the New World or the Old World.

5. Evaluate: Students will be evaluated through their group presentations. Students will also play a modified “Kick-Me,” a game that will require students to describe an explorer that has been placed on the back of another student so that the student can correctly guess the name on their back.