Lesson Snapshot

1. Engage:
Students could watch a segment from a video like Jack Frost video about snowflake making.  Teacher asks, “Do you believe that every snowflake is a different shape?” “Do you think it would be possible to produce a snowflake a snowflake that is exactly like another one?” “What tools could you use?”
Students could look at real life pictures of snowflakes.

2. Explore:
a. Students will make a simple snowflake using basic folding and cutting directions on a 6×6 paper.
b. Students work with a partner to follow specific directions to “copy” an oversized snowflake using their choice of measuring tools on a 12×12 paper.

3. Explain:
Student groups will compare their snowflakes to see if they are similar.  With a partner, students will make an original oversized snowflake and write directions for copying it.  Pairs will switch directions and try to copy the original snowflake.  One student will explain while the other follows the directions without seeing the original.

4. Extend/Expand:
Students will repeat using the metric system when measuring.
Students will read Snowflake Bentley by Jacqueline Briggs Martin and discuss the discovery of snowflakes. Students will draw a picture of how a cut pattern of a snowflake might look before it is opened.

5. Evaluate:
Students final snowflake will be compared to the original directions in order to evaluate the correct use of the tools they used. Students will be evaluated on the accuracy of their written direction for making a snowflake.