Lesson Snapshot

1. Engage:  Students will play “Guess This Movie” by figuring out which movie title is being described.

2. Explore:  Students will read the sword fight excerpt from The Princess Bride and then view the movie companion piece from the Princess Bride. Students will identify similarities and differences from the written version.

3. Explain:   Students will read another excerpt from The Princess Bride and compare and contrast the movie companion piece.   Students will analyze the differences and brainstorm why the director made those changes.  Students will then share out their conclusions and the supporting evidence with the class.

4. Extend/Expand:  After watching an interview with Mandy Patinkin relating to the movie and the theme of true love, students will evaluate whether or not true love is the most important thing in life, providing support for their claim.

5. Evaluate:  Students will choose a novel made into a movie they have already read or watched to write a letter to the movie director evaluating the changes made from the novel to the film.  Student will cite evidence from their choice novel and movie (G, PG, or PG 13) to support their claims.