Lesson Snapshot

1. Engage:  Students will watch a brief news video about a prom in Georgia that was recently integrated (2013) and discuss why this is a newsworthy event.

2. Explore:  Students will examine photos of segregated facilities in the early 20th Century.

3. Explain:  Students will analyze paired texts- The Gettysburg Address & a lesser known excerpt from I Have a Dream and create a third text by comparing the two.

4. Extend/Expand:  Students will consider informational text on county school integration in Mississippi from 2010 and compare this to demographic charts on school exposure for racial categories.

5. Evaluate: Students will choose from a variety of evaluative options including a 2-voice poem from the perspectives of Abraham Lincoln and Dr. King or a freedman from the 1860s and a civil rights worker from the 1960s.