Lesson Snapshot

1. Engage: Students will develop an abolitionist character whose persona they will assume throughout the lesson.

2. Explore: In small groups, students will analyze and discuss sets of primary sources from the perspective of their roles as abolitionists. It is expected that students will have a diversity of perspectives on the issues.

3. Explain: The class will regroup to discuss the sources and compare and contrast the students’ opinions on the issues. Using Post-It Claims, the whole class will vote on each issue and have a chance to defend their opinions.

4. Extend/Expand: In their groups, students will develop a majority consensus on the issues raised and create a platform stating their core beliefs on these issues.

5. Evaluate: From the perspective of their abolitionist characters, students will respond in writing to the issues raised through the documents and political cartoons. They must state their opinion on each issue and back it up with evidence. By remaining in character, students are forced to use only relevant information and avoid anachronistic arguments.