Community Groups

Groups are the heart of K20alt Community. Members have the ability to join and create groups based on anything in education.

Want to make a lesson about something you heard in the news? Need a group to facilitate lesson study? Are you wanting help with curriculum mapping or common assessments? Request a group and you’ll be set up in no time!

Groups work like this:

  1. Someone has an idea; they start a group. (This could be you!) This person is now the Lead Teacher of this group.
  2. K20alt sets up the group and helps the Lead Teacher get their idea off the ground.
  3. The Lead Teacher recruits members.
  4. Once a few teachers have joined the group, the Team holds a 1st meeting where ideas are further developed and a timeline for completion is set.
  5. With the help of K20alt Content Specialists, the Lead Teacher and the members of the group work to develop a truly authentic lesson.
  6. The Team holds a 2nd meeting where the lesson is refined.
  7. The best of the best get published and ALL lessons are available to all members of K20alt.

Q: What if I’m not part of the 1st meeting?
A: You can still join the group and you can still give input. Out of courtesy to the team, don’t make drastic changes to the actual lesson. Your main role in this situation is support through the forums.

Q: But I have an idea that will greatly improve the lesson, what do I do?
A: Valid point. There are really two options here. Either send a message to the Lead Teacher to share your idea and see if he/she is okay with you making the edits, or develop your idea further in your very own group.

Q: Can I have a group, but not have it open or visible to everyone?
A: Absolutely! Just let us know what you want and why. We’ll help you make sure that you only invite the people you want in the group.

If you have any other questions, we’d love to answer them and get you started as soon as possible. Please e-mail us at