Reinforcing Content for the EOI Exams

There is definitely a difference between QuickTutor and a “quick fix.” With QuickTutor, the teacher has a resource to better understand what their students know and how to move them forward.

What is K20alt’s QuickTutor all about? Well, the goal is simple: give teachers information they need to know about student results on high stakes tests in Oklahoma. We firmly believe that teachers with information and ideas about how to use that information will be better able to meet the needs of their students.

In these QuickTutors, K20alt provides you with information about the End of Instruction exams and then breaks down a few of the lowest scoring areas from the Oklahoma Priority Academic State Standards. That means, you will get to not only get a better perspective of each of those standards, but also ideas about how to better diagnose the problem areas for your students.

This will come in many forms, but generally speaking you will see links to outside resources as well as information linking you to great resources found here on the website.