K20alt is proud to present its new blog. In an effort to bring you the latest information in education, technology and lesson development we here with the K20 Center’s Authentic Learning & Teaching team decided to best way to stay in touch with our community and supply a larger dose of quality resources and information – was to blog about it.

In the future, here is what we want this blog to provide:

  • Common Core, Common Core, Common Core
  • More general, personal information on education, educational policy and educational theories
  • Lesson ideas aiming to inspire creativity in your classroom
  • Educational experiences and insights on best teaching practices
  • Round ups of the latest technology being used in education and otherwise
  • Great external resources for the modern teacher
  • Survival tips on being awesome and changing the world

We here at the K20 Center are excited about education. It is our goal to inspire others, be creative and collaborate to change the face of education. Please join us on this journey by subscribing to our Blog’s feed, posting commends and sharing your ideas.