K20alt provides mentoring support for a wide range of teachers through Virtual Communities of Practice. Residency year teachers, teachers on a Plan of Improvement, and many other teachers will benefit from K20alt’s free mentoring program.

Residency Assistance Mentoring

Even the best and brightest first-year teachers are in need of guidance upon entering the teaching profession, and although veteran teachers would like to devote large amounts of time to preparing a meaningful experience for residency-year teachers, sometimes the task can be overwhelming. K20alt Content Specialists are ready and willing to step in and assist veteran teachers in preparing a personalized, content-specific mentoring experience for residency year teachers. Our Content Specialists can assist in lesson studies and classroom management, and can provide suggestions for literature to tailor a unique experience for first-year teachers and their mentors.

Plan of Improvement Mentoring

Too often teachers that have been put on a “plan of improvement” are viewed as educators who are on their way out. This philosophy is in desperate need of change. Our Content Specialists are eager to partner with site administrators to help tailor a teacher-specific mentoring relationship that will help struggling teachers identify weak areas, build content knowledge, and improve classroom management. This type of mentoring relationship has the potential to transform schools and empower teachers to evaluate their approach to instruction.

For more information or to speak with a Content Specialist about enrolling, contact us at:  405.325.2720 |