Authentic Lessons and Lesson Groups

K20 offers model authentic lessons intended to inform pedagogy and impact students. Both K20 Content Specialists and members of the K20 Community design these lessons utilizing the research-based components of authentic instruction.

Finding Lessons and Content on the Site

K20alt is home to an amazing collection of lessons and resources for educators across multiple content areas. Lessons reside in two different areas on the site. The largest bank of lessons will be found in the K20alt Community. These lessons are ready for download, but are also the focus of ongoing collaboration and revision. Once lessons have been revised, polished, and vetted they are eligible for publication in the K20 Journal of Authentic Learning and Teaching and will be housed in quarterly publications on the site.

Users can find lessons in three simple ways:
1. Search and Navigation Toolbar

Users have the ability to search for lessons from any page on the site by using the Search and Navigation toolbar located on the right side of the screen. Using this toolbar users can type in search terms or search for lessons by subject and content area.

2. Journal Lessons

In the scrolling banner at the top of  the home page users can read synopses and download the newest lessons published in the Journal.

3. Featured Lessons

Each month K20alt will feature lessons being developed within the K20alt Community. These featured lessons are accessible from the home page.

Components of Authenticity

K20’s primary mission is to empower educators with a working knowledge of what authentic instruction looks like in the classroom. In response to research developed by Fred M. Newmann, K20 has developed a framework to which every lesson published on this site is held. In order for a lesson to truly engage students in an authentic learning experience the following components must be present, in no particular order, within the lesson design:

1. Construction of Knowledge

Students are actively organizing, synthesizing, interpreting, explaining, and evaluating information to convert it into knowledge.

2. Disciplined Inquiry

Students are collecting information via methods of inquiry, gaining understanding by exploring issues and relationships, and are engaging in elaborated communication and collaboration.

3. Value Beyond School

Students recognize connections between classroom instruction and real-world issues and use acquired knowledge to propose informed and relevant solutions.

4. Implicit View of Student

Students have ownership of the learning environment and actively partner with the instructor to guide learning.

Getting Your Lesson Idea Published

The lifeblood of K20alt is the ongoing collaboration of professionals with the purpose of creating and publishing new content to the site. Do you have an idea for a new, original lesson? Chances are that there are other professionals in the K20alt Community that want to help you make your idea a reality! K20alt offers educators a unique opportunity to propose lesson ideas, collaborate with other professionals, and ultimately submit lessons to be published to the K20 Journal of Authentic Learning and Teaching.

Click here to request a group and begin creating your own, original lesson.

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