Getting Started with K20alt

K20alt allows educators from around the country the opportunity to collaborate, dialogue, engage in lesson study and creation, and acquire content-specific PD all at the touch of a button through Virtual Communities of Practice. These groups are meant to engage and empower educators by providing a means by which they can share expertise, create content, and improve pedagogy. The free services that are provided within these Virtual Communities of Practice are outlined below.

Authentic Lessons and Lesson Groups

K20alt offers model authentic lessons intended to inform pedagogy and impact students. Both K20alt Content Specialists and members of the K20alt Community design these lessons utilizing the research-based components of authentic instruction.          
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Professional Development

K20alt provides content-specific Professional Development, in-depth lesson study, and opportunities for educators to connect in order to dialogue about best practices. Through Virtual Communities of Practice, K20alt Content Specialists can facilitate meaningful conversations centered on impacting the classroom.
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K20alt provides mentoring support for a wide range of teachers through Virtual Communities of Practice. Residency year teachers, teachers on a Plan of Improvement, and many other teachers can benefit from K20alt’s free mentoring program.
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